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Stem Cell Therapies

Dr. Dee helps patients get through a wide variety of Shoulder Conditions so that they can regain full mobility and return to their regular activities.


Amniotic regenerative injections are a quickly emerging form of therapy used in orthopedic medicine to assist in rejuvenating and supplementing damaged or overused tissues. These injections are comprised of a multitude of natural healing nutrients such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and growth factors found specifically in the amniotic membrane and umbilical cord. These growth factors, when presented to a site of injury, encourage the patient’s own cells to work faster and harder. When combined with safe, inflammatory pain management, amniotic therapy can provide long-term regenerative healing and benefits. 


  • In short, Restore and Replace, not remove. i.e. Meniscus Replacement, cartilagel

    Perry Ward

  • In short, Restore and Replace, not remove. i.e. meniscus transplant, cartilage repairs, double-bundle ACL reconstruction (the only

    Sunny Harris

  • Regenerative-based Accelerated Patient Individualized

    Austin Collie- NFL Colts Player